Our business was founded by our late mother Maria Wild in 1960 and has undergone various enlargements and modernizations since then.

Maria war born in 1921, her family run a big farm and she also worked part time as a business consultant in the towns and villages.

After having lost her homeland after the Second World War, Maria and her future husband Leopold moved to Vienna. The first years they had to sublet with relatives, but they seized every chance to earn enough money to live. During that period their first child, my sister Inge, was born. Maria sold lottery tickets, worked in cleaning and laundry. Leopold collected and delivered the laundry with his motorcycle.

One day Maria was offered the job of a caretaker in a house by her customer who worked as a secretary in a property management company. Maria and Leopold accepted the offer and started working in Lange Gasse 10 in 1954. Maria had to do most of the work by herself since Leopold also worked as a sales representative of a big publisher, which included a lot of travel around Austria.

I am Peter and I was born in March 1959 in the small flat provided for the caretaker family. We only had two small rooms and an entrance hall. Only one year later, in 1960, we had the chance to move into a bigger flat on the 3rd floor of the house. In the same year Maria started renting rooms, mainly to workers and travelers from Hungary.

A few years later, another flat could be rented, so Maria enlarged her small business and registered it commercially. Since my parents were always working hard and lived frugally they could accept an offer a few years later to buy half of the building. So the caretaker family has become the property owner, but Maria remained the caretaker until her retirement in 1989. She would clean the stairway and the windows, shoveled the snow from the footpath already in early winter mornings.

The guesthouse could cover more and more rooms inside the building and after some time, the family could buy the whole building. Most of the rooms were big and could sleep 4 to 6 guests. She also worked together with various welfare institutions, which, at times, was not very easy and unproblematic. Maria was always in a good mood, helped to settle disputes and helped her guests wherever she could

By coincidence, backpackers, mostly students from the USA, found the address of the house and soon after, guide books like “Let’s go Europe” and “Frommers” were reporting about Maria. Often, she would stand inside the train station and asked incoming travellers whether they were looking for an accommodation and could fill her rooms in this way. In one edition of “Let’s go Europe” you could read: “If you arrive in Vienna and a friendly, elderly woman is asking you whether you are looking for a room and introduces herself as Mama Wild, just close your eyes and follow her!” Her warmth and dedication helped her a lot and soon the hotel has become renowned and popular.

After graduating from the tourism high school in Bad Gleichenberg and an apprenticeship as clerk for photography, I started working in the business in 1982 and helped my mother in managing the property. Together, we split the bigger flats into double rooms, renovated and modernized the building and changed it to a bed and breakfast. Since my father taught me in earlier days how to do renovations on my own, I could do many things by myself to help my family to save costs for modernization. We built rooms with en-suite facilities, a bigger room for breakfast, a small reception desk and a new office. Our main goal has always been to make our guests feel like home. Maria’s philosophy was the following: “If our guests come as guests and leave as friends, then we have done it right!”

I took over the management in 1989 and although Maria was officially retired, she continued contributing to Pension Wild – her life’s work – as long as she could.

In November 2009 my mother passed away after a short illness, knowing that she had brought joy into the hearts of so many people.

Thank you!